Origami AromaCup porcelain cup 200ml

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Origami has designed an entirely new series of cups called "AromaCup" for you to enjoy coffee with aroma. The shape of the cup has been refined down to the smallest detail.

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Origami AromaCup porcelain cup 200ml
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Product detailed description

Origami is a Japanese pottery workshop that designs equipment for baristas. Origami is produced in Mino, Gifu, which is one of the largest pottery regions in Japan.

High quality, functionality, a high level of craftsmanship, and design are among the main characteristics of ORIGAMI products. Origami has introduced an entirely new series of cups called "AromaCup" for you to enjoy coffee with aroma. The shape of the cup has been refined to the smallest detail.

Size: 80 × 105 × 73 mm

Capacity: 200 ml

Material: Porcelain

Manufacturer: Origami

Made in Japan

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Welcome to Origami - Japanese Art in the World of Coffee


Origami brings a unique combination of Japanese design and functionality to the world of coffee. Our brand, inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, specializes in producing high-quality coffee accessories that are as aesthetic as they are functional. Our products are created with an emphasis on detail, precision, and harmony, representing the true essence of Japanese design.

Our philosophy

At Origami, we believe that coffee preparation is an art form. Each of our products is designed to support this philosophy, offering baristas and home enthusiasts tools that enhance not only the visual experience but also the taste and quality of every cup of coffee.

Our products

  • Coffee drippers: Our iconic drippers, known for their origami-inspired design, offer ideal extraction and a stunning aesthetic impression.
  • Coffee pots and accessories: Precisely designed for optimal pouring control and consistent coffee preparation.
  • Porcelain ware: Made with the highest precision and care, our ware is the perfect complement to any coffee ritual.

Design and quality

Our products are the result of combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern design. Each piece is created with an emphasis on functionality, durability, and aesthetic beauty, making our products unique in the market.

Sustainability and responsibility

At Origami, we value sustainability and ethical production. We strive to use eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize our ecological footprint.

Community and inspiration

We are proud to build a global community of coffee lovers who share our passion for quality and design. Join our social networks, blog, and newsletter for the latest news, tips, and inspiration.


At Origami, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world where coffee meets art. Discover our range of products and be inspired by Japanese tradition and innovation that transforms your daily coffee rituals into true works of art.

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