PERU Yolanda Alvarez Typica Washed filter

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peach | forest fruit | milk chocolate

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PERU Yolanda Alvarez Typica Washed filter
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315X67 peru FILTR

Product detailed description

Variety: Typica

Harvest: 9/2023

Region: Umpata, Lares, Calca

Farmer: Yolanda Cabrera Alvarez

Farm: Finca Sampedruyoc

Altitude: 2150 meters

Processing: Washed

Yolanda, the daughter of coffee growers, has passed on her passion for coffee cultivation to her children, who now help her on the farm as adults. The high altitude of 2,150 meters above sea level maintains low temperatures, which helps limit the spread of pests and diseases. Yolanda receives technical assistance from Valle Inca, which helps her grow highly productive coffee trees with unique characteristics. Yolanda and her family manually collect ripe red cherries and process them on their farms.

Additional parameters

Category: Coffee
Roasted for: Filter
SCA score: 86b
Roast level: Light

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