We are proud partners of Maker Faire!

"At Maker Faire festivals, enthusiasts and experts of all ages come together to showcase their inventions and share their knowledge. We are a community built on curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. From tech enthusiasts, to solderers, to scientists, and garage tinkerers."

"Maker Faire is a festival full of workshops, interactive activities, and above all, enthusiastic and inquisitive people."

In 2023, we met at festivals in Ostrava's Trojhalí and at Flora in Olomouc in the food zone, where we took care of your taste buds and ensured a proper caffeine saturation.

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Maker Faire - The Global Exhibition of Creativity

Maker Faire, a worldwide celebration of creativity, innovation, and the DIY (Do It Yourself) spirit, brings together a vibrant community of makers, enthusiasts, and hobbyists. This event provides a platform for individuals to present their inventions, crafts, and projects, ranging from technology and science to art and design. Maker Faire is a family festival full of workshops, interactive activities, and above all, enthusiastic and curious people.


At Maker Faire, we believe in supporting creativity and innovation as alternatives to the conventional and consumerist approach to life. We support the maker movement in the Czech Republic by organizing Maker Faire festivals, which have been held since 2018. These events aim to popularize technology, inspire creativity, and connect hobby creators with experts.

What to expect

  • Diverse Exhibitions: Discover a wide range of projects from local and international creators, including electronic gadgets, technological innovations, and artistic creations. Interactive
  • Workshops: Participate in hands-on activities, learn new skills, and attend various creative and educational workshops suitable for all ages.
  • Community Building: Join a network of like-minded people, share ideas, and collaborate on future projects.


Maker Faire has successfully created a platform where creativity and innovation thrive. It's a place where makers, inventors, tinkerers, and DIY fans meet, share their passion, and inspire others. The event has become a beacon for the maker community, supporting a culture of learning, sharing, and innovation.

Join us

We invite everyone, from families with children to tech enthusiasts and artists, to join us at Maker Faire. Experience the joy of creation, discover new interests, and be part of a community that celebrates the spirit of creativity and innovation.

For more information about upcoming events, participating as a creator, or visiting our festivals, please visit our website at