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Acaia is a brand that represents a new era in the technology of weighing and preparing coffee. Our scales and accessories combine precise engineering, minimalist design, and intelligent technology to provide baristas and coffee enthusiasts with the highest level of control and consistency in coffee preparation.

Our mission

At Acaia, we believe that the key to perfect coffee is precise measurement and consistency. Our mission is to develop tools that enable baristas and coffee enthusiasts to achieve the best possible taste of coffee with each cup.

Acaia products

  • Acaia Scales: Intelligent, highly precise, and aesthetically attractive, ideal for measuring coffee, water, and extraction time.
  • Mobile App: Integration with our scales for recording, analyzing, and sharing your coffee recipes.
  • Accessories: From calibration weights to protective cases, all designed for perfect integration into your coffee ritual.

Technology and innovation

Our scales are equipped with the latest technology, including fast and accurate weighing, Bluetooth connectivity, and custom apps. All this ensures that your coffee preparation is always precise and consistent.

Design and quality

Acaia emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and durability. Our products are made from premium materials and designed to withstand the demanding conditions of both cafe and home use.

Sustainability and commitment to the community

We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and the coffee community. We strive for a sustainable approach in the production and packaging of our products and support community projects focused on sustainability and education in the field of coffee.


Acaia brings not just tools, but a complete experience for coffee lovers. With our products, you get not only precision and consistency in your coffee preparation but also joy and satisfaction from every cup. Join us on the journey to perfect coffee.


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Introducing the Lunar Scale, now with brand new capabilities and features! This includes the latest weighing technology, faster response time, built-in flow indicator, USB-C...

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Model Pearl S from Acaia is a digital, intelligent scale designed for preparing alternative coffee brewing methods.

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The Acaia Digital Scale Pearl Pitch is a state-of-the-art weighing solution designed for coffee enthusiasts who seek precision and consistency in their brewing process.

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Digital scale from Accaia for preparing filtered coffee. Its advantages include control of weight, time, and coffee flow.

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